3 years ago today Fergie left us to play with heavens band…

So many great memories have gone thru my mind today. Fergie was a true gentleman in a crazy biz. Always treating people kindly and with respect.

I am also very glad that he was able to come back thru some crazy years with a nasty cancer illness, and still make two albums more for us, the fans.

I found that my interest for music simply died after Fergies passing, but life goes on, and a few years later I have my interest back, thanx to Fergies music, Totos XIV and much more. Music is still very much alive! Even if the biz have changed completely for hard working bands out there. Touring is now more or less the only thing that produces money for musicians today. It is sad, but true. We made it that way, by downloading music in stead of buying and supporting the bands.

Anyway, today I will listen to Fergies music, and think of happy memories!

Take care folks.



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